Specializing in Customer Engagement solutions

Our development, sales and support teams have been working in the telecommunications industry for decades as either customers or integrators of customer contact solutions.

Our flagship product is 'Interaction Player Plus' which enables users to view voice and screen recordings in a simple user interface.

Offering the ability to quickly search, play and make annotations related to each Interaction.

Search by any column simply by clicking on the heading. Or enter characters in the search box to filter every column instantaniously. Finding specific calls could hardly be easier.

The visual representation of the call is simple to operate and offers numerous controls while the interaction is being reviewed.

Interaction Player Plus.
  • Split wave form display
    • Agent voice on top
    • Caller voice on bottom
  • Plays :
    • .mp3 files
    • .wav files
    • .mp4 files
    • Both audio channels can be heard in mono headsets
  • Attach Notes to recordings
    • Notes icon displays indicating notes are attached
  • Rapid search for recording
    • Search on all displayed columns at same time
  • ROI
    • User no longer have to use multiple key presses and searches to find an interaction.
    • Waveform display shows areas of interest visually.
      • Drag pointer to area of interest.
      • Skip forward/backwards through recording
      • Play/Pause
      • Return to start of recording

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