Interaction Player+ Site Licensing

Licensing is based upon :

  • A flat rate for each recording object per month/Annually
    • Recording objects are defined as:
        • Agent Phone or VoIP device.
        • Agent Desktop screen recording
        • Agent Email service
        • Agent Chat Channel
      • 50-200 recording objects
      • 201 - 1000 recording objects
      • 1001 - 5000 recording objects
      • 5000+ recording objects
      • Pay per Play.
        • Each call played charged at fixed rate
        • Call information is saved for billing
          • Date/Time
          • Call information
          • Name of who played the call


    • With our pricing model you pay on a per recording object basis PLUS a small charge per recording played
    • The system keeps track of how many agents are registering calls and for which recorded DN
    • You can get a report of which calls were played, by whom and when.
    • Playing a screen recording which has audio/video will be charged as one single recording
    • Our preferred option is a yearly subscription.
    • We can bill you monthly.
      • You will recieve an invoice, via the admin email you provided during signup.
    • We can bill you via a debit card
      • You can provide our office with Debit card details and we can bill directly against that card
  • Customization
    • Often customers have specific needs for attached data to be searchable within the call recording metadata.
      We cater for the default values from a standard install but can customize the displayed information to include attached data.
      These fields then also become searchable within the recording table.
      Our Professional Services team can quote for inclusion of specific fields from the metadata.

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