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Interaction Player+ Site Licensing

Licensing is based upon

  • A flat rate for each recording object per month.
    • Recording objects are defined as:
        • Agent Phone or VoIP device.
        • Agent Desktop screen recording
        • Agent Email service
        • Agent Chat Channel
      • 50-200 recording objects
      • 201 - 1000 recording objects
      • 1001 - 5000 recording objects
      • 5000+ recording objects
      • Pay per Play.
        • Each call played charged at fixed rate
        • Call information is saved for billing
          • Date/Time
          • Call information
          • Name of who played the call

Pricing FAQS

    • With our pricing model you pay on a per recording object basis PLUS a small charge per recording played
    • The system keeps track of how many agents are registering calls and for which recorded DN
    • You can get a report of which calls were played, by whom and when.
    • Playing a screen recording which has audio/video will be charged as one single recording
    • We can bill you monthly.
      • You will recieve an invoice, via the admin email you provided during signup.
    • We can bill you via a debit card
      • You can provide our office with Debit card details and we can bill directly against that card

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